Twilight Strolls

Hazy twilight strolls, When day and night gently caress each other, In perfect harmony, Like lovers grown old together.   ~ Katie Dion


Some days You embrace the storm, And pray for the rain to wash everything away into newness again.   ~ Katie Dion


Sometimes during a sunrise, One can actually feel time slow to only a faint heartbeat. For it is then that the ancient past, the present, and the distant future, converge and join hands. Only the sunrise remains untouched by history. It rises everyday the same way, just like it always has since antiquity, and always... Continue Reading →

The Cure for Anything #3: Family

The cure for anything is salt water: sweat, tears or the sea. Isak Dinesen Blood – My personal addition. Not on the original quote list, I know, but stay with me - it fits! Many of you undoubtedly know that blood is very salty – that’s why hospitals give you saline, not fresh, water drips... Continue Reading →

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