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I see you have made it to my little slice of online ocean paradise – welcome! This site is here to engage and inspire the marine scientist hiding inside each and every one of us! Whether you are an enthusiast looking to learn more about our world’s oceans and marine life, a teacher or parent looking for new ideas and tips to incorporate marine science into lessons or activities, a budding science student hoping to find some encouragement, or a science professional wondering how in the heck can you share your research with others, then consider this your crossroads. A place to learn, get hands-on, and feel that salt water running through your veins!

So who am I? Why am I so crazy about the world’s oceans?

My name is Katie Dion, and I’m what I like to refer to as an ‘accidental scientist and an intentional educator.’ Growing up, I had a million and one interests. Art, reading, music, travel, and learning! I enjoyed biology and life science, but I was not hugely into science. And in complete honesty, I hated math. When I was 14, my high school offered a special, once in a lifetime time opportunity – a chance to take a marine biology summer coarse in Key Largo, Florida. For a Midwestern, land locked girl, a chance to go a tropical location was not something I could pass up! I saved up money, begged my parents, and signed myself up ASAP. I was expecting to have fun, see some cool things, get a tan (or wicked sunburn as it turned out) and come home with a few adventures to tell. What I was NOT expecting was to fall completely in love with all things marine related! The head in the clouds girl with no direction that left, came home inspired and galvanized to learn as much as she could. That’s why I say I am an accidental scientist. Without that trip, which in full honesty was a bit of a whim, I would likely be a very different person today.

That love for our oceans has only deepened with each passing year. Since that fateful trip, I have gotten a B.S. in Marine Biology from Hawaii Pacific University (where better to learn about the oceans than an island, am I right??) and a Post-baccalaureate Certificate in Zoology. I have volunteered and worked at two AZA certified aquariums both directly with animals and in supporting roles. I am also currently earning my M.S. in Environmental Science. You think after all that I would have gotten my fill of marine science? Nope! My passion is still burning strong – some days I am so excited it feels like there is salt water flowing through my veins! Despite all I have done, I felt something was missing. While marine science was clearly my passion, I still felt a lack of purpose. I didn’t know what I wanted to do with my knowledge and experience. It took some time, but eventually I discovered that what I really feel called to do is share my passion. Share my experience. Share my life! So now, I don’t just learn and study the oceans, I teach about them! I have chosen to become am an informal science educator who specializes in getting people inspired and hands-on with ocean science. Hence this blog. There are a lot of people in this world, and not everyone has the chance to travel to the coast or an aquarium. So why not bring the ocean to them? At the end of the day, I hope to make everyone fall in love with the oceans like I did over a decade ago. If you’re here, then you probably share a bit of that passion too. Welcome aboard! Let’s learn together 😊

Ciao! Katie

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